Middle and Far Eastern Studies

Middle and Far Eastern

Charter for the College of Middle and Far Eastern Studies

A College of the Royal University of Meridies



The Collage of Middle and Far Eastern Studies seeks to educate the populace of Meridies in any and all things pertaining to the cultures and peoples of the Middle and Far Eastern Known World. The College will provide avenues and encouragement in all pursuits of Middle and Far Eastern cultures in the Society. The College will also encourage period Middle and Far Eastern dress, display, and practice.



The scope of the Collage is not based on geography or traditional national boarders, as the name suggests, but instead is grounded in the ‘cultures’ and peoples that are distinct in their era. These cultures can be described as ‘Arabic’ or ‘Asian’ but are most effectively described in the religions, modes of dress, architecture, sciences, and technologies which they share. Because of this the Collage will often include areas such as North Africa, Al-Andalus (Spain), the Arabian Peninsula, India, Pakistan, China, Japan, and other countries or geographies now considered to be in Asia.

Because of the nature of the Collage is not pinned down to a specific kind of research or knowledge, such as fighting or performance arts, it can and will cover a plethora of disciplines. This includes but is not limited to; dance, literature, scribal arts, history, food, clothing, etc. Because of this any class taught that adequately pertains to the peoples and cultures of the afore mentioned area can be considered to fall under the Collage of Middle and Far Eastern Studies.