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Please note, we will need a separate form for each class you wish to teach, and and indication of which is your preferred class to teach, if you are submitting several classes. We will need ALL of the following information:

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Age Ranges or limits

To better assist both teachers and their prospective students, please indicate the age group at which your class is targeted. There should be age restrictions on a class involving hands-on martial arts, metal casting or anything else that might pose a danger for young students. A subject''s comprehension or appropriateness should also be considered. If your class is open to anyone, please check the "no age limit" option. Under 12 MUST have parent/guardian accompanying them, but 5-11 yr olds may be part of a small group from the children''s tent.
Age Range/Limit if any:
5 years and up8 years and up12 years and up12-17 years with adult18 years and up12 years and upNo age limit
Special note on class sizes:
Most teaching spaces will have chairs for 10-20 folks, and one guaranteed table. Limited Classes are hands-on sessions where the instructor can give his or her attention to a small number of students or where a limited number of materials or tools are available. These classes can be repeated throughout the week if the instructor so desires.
Size limit, if any:
If your intend to charge for materials or handouts used in your class, please specify what the charge covers and list them at right. Again, this is to cover your expenses and is not considered a charge for the class. Handouts: A class with handouts will not be listed as having a fee, but the cost of the handout will be in the description. Since you will not know how many students will be attending your class in advance of your arrival at Gulf Wars, you should make your "best guess" as to the number of copies you will need, based on previous teaching experience or by speaking to other teachers. Remember, some people will choose to attend the class and may opt not to take the handout. Class/Activity fee, if any;

What this fee covers; (Please limit to 150 characters)

Preferred time of day:

9am to NoonNoon to 3pm3pm to 6pmAny time is good

Do you need:

Electricity YesNo

Running Water YesNo

Additional Table(s) YesNo

Area for fire YesNo

A "Messy Class Area" YesNo

A Sump YesNo

A Projection Screen YesNo

And other information you need to tell us, such as:


"This class/event creates a lot of dust/noise/mess, etc.",

"This class/event must have quiet/sunlight/open space/darkness, etc.",

and so forth.

Please indicate if you are submitting multiple classes, or have other time conflicts.