Staff & Duties

The University is staffed by a small group of dedicated individuals who work hard every year to make this University the best in the Known World. It is made up of the following individuals who will be happy to help you in any manner possible:


The Chancellor is the administrative head of the University, responsible to the Crown and the Minister of Arts and Sciences

Chancellor: THL Caterina Angelica Galelei

Replacement Deputy Chancellor:


The Librarian handles our catalog of donated materials and class handouts, and administers exemption exams for the University

Librarian: THLady Eachna ni Clonmakate

Deputy Librarian:


The Registrar is responsible for maintaining the transcript database. They also catalog classes and format and oversee the University’s class catalog. They process class attendance sheets from around the Kingdom, and oversee graduation requests
Registrar: THLord James Toxophilus
Deputy Registrar: 


The Provost-at-Large is the University’s liaison between itself and local groups, helping them to connect with interested teachers who would be willing to teach classes at events, helping local groups get classes RUM-certified, and teaching local groups how to have classes at their events so that students get RUM credit for attending those classes.

College Deans

Dean of Apparel Arts: Dame Sibella Denton
Deputy Dean of Apparel Arts:

Dean of Culinary Sciences: Mistress Marie de Kerimure
Deputy Dean of Culinary Sciences: Maestra Dianora di Cellini

Dean of Extra-European Studies: THL Lucien d’Artois
Deputy Dean of Extra-European Studies:

Dean of Heraldic Studies College: THLord Alan Lothinlarsson fra Jorvik
Deputy Dean of Heraldic Studies College:

Dean of Military and Combat Arts College:  Master Wistric Oftun
Deputy Dean of Military Arts College: THL Brendan deHay

Dean of Omnes Creatures College: THLady Azenari Basendere
Deputy Dean of Omnes Creatures College:

Dean of Performing Arts College:  Master Mathias Blackett
Deputy Dean of Performing Arts College:

Dean of Practical Arts College:THLady Vitruvia Drusilla
Deputy Dean of Practical Arts College:

Dean of Science and Technology College: THLady Sara al-Garnatiyya
Deputy Dean of Science and Technology College:

Dean of Scribal Arts College:  Mistress Adela Scrijver van Brugge
Deputy Dean of Scribal Arts College:

RUM Webminister: Dame Adelaide Colette de Monferrer