Apparel Arts

Charter of the College of Apparel Arts of the Royal University of Meridies

Introduction and Statement of Purpose

The College of Apparel Arts, hereafter referred to as “the College,” shall be an autonomous body administered by the staff of Royal University of Meridies as appointed by the Kingdom of Meridies, and governed under the auspices, approval, and jurisdiction of the Crown of Meridies.

The Dean and Assistant Dean are responsible for the day-to-day running of the College, including promoting the College, sponsoring courses, courses, and reporting to the Royal University of Meridies governing officers.

The purpose of the College is fostering learning, research, and hands-on skills related to the costuming arts. These include all types of clothing pre-1600 anywhere in the world.


Scope of the College

The College embraces all forms of apparel arts, including but not limited to:

  • Textile production
  • Extant garment study
  • Garment patterning
  • Stitch-work and weaving
  • Clothing construction
  • Garment Embellishment
  • Accessory choice
  • Accessory production
  • Cobblers’ arts

All SCA classes may be used for RUM credit. To receive credit, the following information should be provided to the College Dean and the RUM Registrar:

  • Title of the class
  • Instructor’s name
  • Date and location of the class
  • A copy of the class outline or handout, if such exists


Courses of Study

The College shall sponsor the following degree concentrations:

  • Costume Construction
  • European Costuming pre-11th Century
  • European Costuming 12th to 16th Century
  • Eastern Costuming
  • Norse Costuming of the Viking Age
  • Accessories
  • Other Concentrations as appropriate to the study of the Apparel Arts


The basic requirements for degrees may be found on the RUM website.

  • Scholar Degree: This program is intended to provide the student with a broad and basic familiarity with the Middle Ages and the SCA. Required courses are listed in the RUM Charter. Credit may also be received by teaching a certified course.

The award of a Scholar’s Degree in the College of Apparel Arts must include the following:

The scholar must complete two electives in the College of Apparel Arts under the Static Arts category.

  • Lector Degree: This program builds upon the Scholar Program. It allows the student to focus on one or more areas of interest. Any student who wishes to complete a Lector Degree must complete 10 courses in one of the areas of study in the College of Apparel Arts.
  • Magister Degree: This program concentrates on one specific area within a student’s chosen Lector Program. Students who wish to receive this degree must teach 5 courses in the area of study of the Lector Degree and compete a Master’s Project in the area of the Lector Degree.
  • Philosopher Degree: Any Student completing five Magister Degrees in any area of study and a Philosopher’s project will be granted a Philosopher Degree.


Enrollment and graduation requirements

 Enrollment guidelines:

All students and instructors who wish to enroll in the College of Apparel Arts should notify the Dean of the College to be added to the rolls of the College.

Graduation Requirements:

Please refer to the degree requirements, above.


**Charter created June 2016 by Baroness Sibella Denton based on the Charter for the College of Performing Arts written by Mistress Juliana Harper and the Charter for the College of Science and Technology written by Countess Thorkatla, OL.