Military and Combat Studies

College of Military and Combat Studies



To educate the populace of Meridies in the area of martial and personal combat in the Medieval and Renaissance ages. The College will attempt to further the knowledge of the populace of Meridies in the history, the philosophy, the means, and the conduct of period and SCA combat and martial activities.


Classes within the college will cover the history and means of martial activities within the SCA period and the Society’s conduct and re-creation of those activities.

Combat studies can span the entire history within the scope of the SCA, and how the weapons, duels, battles, or wars shaped and were shaped by their historic and social context.

“The means of martial activities” may be considered to include the weapons and armor used, the techniques of personal combat, the organization of national forces, and any other features which shaped period combat. They may extend to these same facets of SCA combat – the weapons, armor, and techniques used upon the field, the administration and regulation of these activities, and other such classes as apply to SCA combat.




All offices are for a two-year term, unless suitable replacements cannot be chosen. Deputies will be selected within the first year of office in order to insure the smooth continuation of the College.

Dean of the College

The dean serves as the primary organizer for the college. In this role they will:

  • Be the primary point of contact for any questions and other University related issues
  • File reports with the Chancellor of RUM semiannually, after RUM, and after each major collegia.
  • Coordinate with RUM officers, collegia autocrats, and the heads of any relevant guilds to assess class needs, coordinate class tracks, and identify potential instructors.
  • Coordinate instructors and classes
  • Maintain student, instructor, and course rosters, available publicly or on request
  • Maintain a database of potential topics and instructors who would be able to teach them.

Deputy(s) to the Dean

A deputy to the Dean of the College will assist the Dean in their duties. Additional deputies may be identified at the discretion of the Dean, and their roles divided by task, region, or educational focus. The Chancellor of RUM is to be consulted in the selection of these deputies.

Curriculum: The curriculum of the College will be based on the needs and the wishes of the students it will serve and the availability of knowledge and instructors available to the kingdom. The student will always be the most important part of this College. For without them there would be no College. Curriculum requirements may vary with each student and there is always room for innovations.


In service to Society, Crown, and Kingdom

I remain,

Master Wistric Oftun, OD


Last Updated: 23 March, 2016