Practical Arts

Charter for the College of Practical Arts

There shall exist within the Kingdom of Meridies and within its Royal University a College of Practical Arts chartered by the Crown to aid in the teaching and promotion of the various disciplines and skills necessary to run a typical medieval demesne. Moreover, the College of Practical Arts seeks to instruct those who wish to acquire knowledge of Vicis Dissimulo (timely disguise), the art of disguising mundanities and giving a period “feel” to surroundings.
The college shall be an autonomous body governed by the Chancellor, Vice Chancellor, and Regents of the Royal University of Meridies, but shall be governed under the auspices, approval, and jurisdiction of the Crown of Meridies. The Dean and Assistant Dean are responsible for the day-to-day running of the College, including promoting the College, sponsoring practical arts collegia and courses, and regular reporting to the Royal University of Meridies governing officers.
The purpose of the College is fostering education, research, and hands-on skills. The College is open for participation to any member of the populace who is interested in the practical arts. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Vicis Dissimulo (timely disguise): The art of disguising mundanities and giving a period “feel” to surroundings
  • Basic horticulture
  • Décor in medieval style
  • Leechcraft and herbalism (including soapmaking, scents, cosmetics, etc.)
  • Mending
  • Ropemaking
  • Stillroom arts (food preservation, cordials, vinegars, mustards, spice blending, etc.)

Last updated: 2022