Degree Programs

There are four degree programs within the University: Scholar, Lector, Magister, and Philosopher.
Scholar Degree Program
The Scholar program is general and comprehensive. This program is intended to provide the student with a broad and basic familiarity with the Middle Ages and the SCA. The required courses listed below cover both SCA subjects and general facets of medieval life. Each course receives one-hour credit for a total of 21 curriculum credits needed for the Scholar degree. Credit may also be received by teaching a course.
Lector Degree Program The Lector Degree Program builds upon the Scholar Program. It allows the student to focus on one of the broader areas of study. Classes are chosen by the student to fit the individual program of study. Ten hours of additional classes in the chosen area of study are required. For example, a student having completed the Scholars degree who took or taught ten more hours of classes under the heading of Sciences would receive a Lector’s degree in the Sciences.
Magister Degree Program
The Magister Degree Program concentrates on one specific area within a student’s basic Lector Program. For example, if the Lector majored in SCA studies, their Magister program must focus on some area of SCA studies, such as founding a group.Magister Degree Program Requirements
The candidate must:
1. Teach five separate classes in the chosen area of study.
2. Complete a Master Project of the candidate’s choice. The Master Project may be based on existing work; however, it must represent original work and ideas and be totally executed by the student. The project may take any form.Master Projects must be cleared with the Dean of the respective college and the RUM Chancellor before initiation to ensure their feasibility.
Philosopher Degree Program Any Student completing five Magister Degrees in any area(s) of study and a Philosopher’s project will be granted a Philosopher Degree. The Philosopher’s Project must be similar in nature and design to the Magister Degree Project, and must be approved in advance by the Chancellor and the Dean of the respective college and evaluated before graduation by the Graduate Review Board. Prospective Candidates may contact the respective Dean and Chancellor for assistance in selecting a project.