RUM Online Courses

RUM is excited to offer online courses through Google Classroom. This is a new and exciting way to meet the requirements of the Scholars Degree from the comfort of your own home. A Google Account is required in order to utilize these offerings.


  1. Navigate to Google Classroom and sign into your Google Account.
  2. Click on the plus sign + in the top right area.
  3. Click on Join Class.
  4. Enter the associated Class Code for the class you would like to complete. Click Join Class.
  5. Congratulations, you now have the class added to your Google Classroom Dashboard. Make sure you read anything that is on the Stream as it will tell you what the requirements are to pass the class. The next time you visit Google Classroom, it will show the class card on the main screen.

Current Offerings

Key: l = lower case “L”. I = captial “i”. 1 = number one. O = “capital o”. 0 = number zero.

RUM Course Code Class Name Google Classroom Code
CMA1000 SCA Structure and Administration*


SCI3100 Name Research*


CMA4000 History of Meridies*


MAR1001 Non-fighters Guide to SCA Combat*


HIS1000 Life in Medieval Times*


SCI3000 Intro to Heraldry*


CMA2001 Honor and Courtesy*


* = Denotes class is required for the Scholars Degree