Staff & Duties

The University is staffed by a small group of dedicated individuals who work hard every year to make this University the best in the Known World. It is made up of the following individuals who will be happy to help you in any manner possible. To contact the individual via email, click the office name next to their name:


The Chancellor is the administrative head of the University, responsible to the Crown and the Minister of Arts and Sciences. The Chancellor oversees all operations of RUM and is responsible for printing and delivery of degrees (including liaison with Parchment for originals.)

Chancellor: Dame Sibella Denton
Replacement Deputy Chancellor:


The Archivist will maintain the RUM archive of syllabi and the rest of the RUM library.

Archivist: Viscountess Gwynna Emrys
Deputy Archivist:


The Registrar oversees the RUM Database and is responsible for inputting records and maintaining these. The Registrar also oversees those who submit class information from local groups.
Registrar: Seong Myeong Su Daesaseong
Deputy Registrar:


The Provost oversees the deans, is ultimately responsible for classes at Royal University of Meridies, classifies classes into colleges and areas, and certifies degrees. The Provost is responsible for administering exemption exams for required classes.
Provost: Magister Lorenzo Petrucci
Deputy Provost:


The Webminister will oversee the website.
Webminister: Dame Adelaide Colette de Monferrer
Deputy Webminister:


The Deans classify classes and oversees Magister and Philosopher degree projects.

Dean of Animal StudiesMistress Peryn Rose Whytehorse
Deputy Dean of Animal Studies:

Dean of Apparel Arts & Sciences: Lady Sefa Knytir
Deputy Dean of Apparel Arts & Sciences:

Dean of Culinary Arts & Herbalism: Maestra Dianora di Cellini
Deputy Dean of Culinary Arts & Herbalism:

Dean of Current Middle Ages: Qurra Al-Bayida Al-Bedowiyya
Deputy Dean of Current Middle Ages:

Dean of Extra-European Studies: Seong Myeong Su Daesaseong
Deputy Dean of Extra-European Studies:

Dean of Heraldic Studies: THLady Sophia Berkeley, Lantern Herald
Deputy Dean of Heraldic Studies:

Dean of History & Politics: Dame Sibella Denton
Deputy Dean of History & Politics:

Dean of Literature: Mistress Andriet di’ Pisan
Deputy Dean of Literature:

Dean of Military & Combat Studies THL Brendan deHay
Deputy Dean of Military & Combat Studies:

Dean of Performing Arts & Gaming THL Rorik MacLugdach
Deputy Dean of Performing Arts & Gaming:

Dean of Science & Technology: Min Soo Yun
Deputy Dean of Science & Technology:

Dean of Scribal Arts Mistress Adela Scrijver van Brugge
Deputy Dean of Scribal Arts:

Dean of Trades & Crafts: THLady Jerusha Kilgore
Deputy Dean of Trades & Crafts: